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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, DIN 43653 1000 Vac (IEC and UL), 50 to 1400 A Square body DIN 43653 bolted tags high speed fuses, for theprotection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/ rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with a Type Tor K indicator for a microswitch. Ratings Volts 1000 Vac (IEC, 50-1250 A), 900 Vac (IEC, 1400 A) 1000 Vac (UL size 2, size 3, 315-1100 A only) 900 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specific fuses) Amps 50-1400 A IR 125 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency Information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085 (only sizes 2 and 3) CCC (only size 3, 315-1100 A) CE

170M3965 170M3981 170M3966 170M3982 170M3967 170M3983 170M3968 170M3984 170M3969 170M3985 170M3970 170M3986 170M3971 170M3987 170M3972 170M3988 170M3973 170M3989 170M3974 170M3990 170M3975 170M3991 170M4965 170M4980 170M4966 170M4981 170M4967 170M4982 170M4968 170M4983 170M4969 170M4984 170M4970 170M4985 170M4971 170M4986 170M4972 170M4987 170M4973 170M4988 170M4974 170M4989 170M5966 170M5981 170M5967 170M5982170M5968 170M5983 170M5969 170M5984 170M5970 170M5985 170M5971 170M5986 170M5972 170M5987 170M5973 170M5988 170M5974 170M5989 170M5975 170M5990 170M8614 170M8629†† 170M8615 170M8630†† 170M8616 170M8631†† 170M8617 170M8632†† 170M8618 170M8633†† 170M8619 170M8634†† 170M8620 170M8635†† 170M8621 170M8636†† 170M8622 170M8637†† 170M8623 170M8638†† 170M8624 170M8639†† 170M8625 170M8640†† 170M8626 170M8641 170M8627 170M8642