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bussmann 170M1322 现货

  • 分类:快速熔断器
  • 简介:bussman 170M1322 690V 315A
  • 交货周期:现货19 PCS
  • 发布时间:2020-05-19 09:39:09
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170M — Square Body size 000 and 00, DIN 43653 690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac/dc (UL), 10 to 400 A Square body DIN 43653 bolted tags high speed fuses, for theprotection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/ rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with andwithout visual indicator, and Type T indicator for a microswitch.

Ratings Volts 690 Vac (IEC, size 000 and 00) 

700 Vac (UL, size 000; size 00 100-400 A only)

700 Vdc (UL, size 000) Amps 10-400 A IR 

200 kA RMS Sym.

50 kA at 700 Vdc (size 000 only)

170M1308 170M1358 170M1408 

170M1309 170M1359 170M1409 

170M1310 170M1360 170M1410 

170M1311 170M1361 170M1411 

170M1312 170M1362 170M1412 

170M1313 170M1363 170M1413

170M1314 170M1364 170M1414 

170M1315 170M1365 170M1415 

170M1316 170M1366 170M1416 

170M1317 170M1367 170M1417 

170M1318 170M1368 170M1418 

170M1319 170M1369 170M1419 

170M1320 170M1370 170M1420 

170M1321 170M1371 170M1421

170M1322 170M1372 170M1422 

170M2608 170M2658 

170M2609 170M2659 

170M2610 170M2660 

170M2611 170M2661 

170M2612 170M2662 

170M2613 170M2663 

170M2614 170M2664 

170M2615 170M2665 

170M2616 170M2666 

170M2617 170M2667 

170M2618 170M2668 

170M2619 170M2669 

170M2620 170M2670

170M2621 170M2671