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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, French style 690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 40 to 1600 A Square body French style high speed fuses for the protection of DCcommon bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers and reducedrated voltage starters. Available with Type T or K indicators formicroswitches. Ratings Volts 690 Vac (IEC) 700 Vac (UL) Amps 40-1600 A IR 200 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085 CSA Class 1422-30, (53787) on sizes (1, 2, 3) only CCC (please consult bulehighspeedtechnical@eaton.com forstatus) CE

170M3308 170M3358 

170M3309 170M3359 

170M3310 170M3360 

170M3311 170M3361

170M3312 170M3362

170M3313 170M3363

170M3314 170M3364

170M3315 170M3365 

170M3316 170M3366

170M3317 170M3367

170M3318 170M3368 

170M3319 170M3369 

170M3320 170M3370 

170M3321 170M3371 

170M4308 170M4358 

170M4309 170M4359 

170M4310 170M4360 

170M4311 170M4361 

170M4312 170M4362

170M4313 170M4363

170M4314 170M4364

170M4315 170M4365

170M4316 170M4366

170M4317 170M4367

170M4318 170M4368

170M5308 170M5358

170M5309 170M5359

170M5310 170M5360

170M5311 170M5361

170M5312 170M5362

170M5313 170M5363

170M5314 170M5364

170M5315 170M5365

170M5316 170M5366

170M6308 170M6358

170M6309 170M6359

170M6310 170M6360

170M6311 170M6361

170M6312 170M6362

170M6313 170M6363

170M6314 170M6364

170M6315 170M6365

170M6316 170M6366

170M6317 170M6367

170M6318 170M6368

170M6319 170M6369