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170M3614 170M3664

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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, US style 690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 40 to 2000 A Square body US style bolted tags high speed fuses for theprotection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/ rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with Type Kindicator for a microswitch. Ratings Volts500 to 700 Vac (see catalog number table) 750 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specific fuses) Amps 40-2000 A IR 200 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2*, E125085 CSA Class 53787, File 1422-30* CCC* CE

170M3608 170M3658 170M3708 170M3758

170M3609 170M3659 170M3709 170M3759 

170M3610 170M3660 170M3710 170M3760 

170M3611 170M3661 170M3711 170M3761 

170M3612 170M3662 170M3712 170M3762 

170M3613 170M3663 170M3713 170M3763

170M3614 170M3664 170M3714 170M3764 

170M3615 170M3665 170M3715 170M3765 

170M3616 170M3666 170M3716 170M3766

170M3617 170M3667 170M3717 170M3767

170M3618 170M3668 170M3718 170M3768 

170M3619 170M3669 170M3719 170M3769 

170M3620 170M3670 170M3720 170M3770 

170M3621 170M3671 170M3721 170M3771 

170M3622 170M3672 170M3722 170M3772 

170M3623 170M3673 170M3723 170M3773 

170M4608 170M4658 170M4708 170M4758 

170M4609 170M4659 170M4709 170M4759

170M4610 170M4660 170M4710 170M4760 

170M4611 170M4661 170M4711 170M4761 

170M4612 170M4662 170M4712 170M4762 

170M4613 170M4663 170M4713 170M4763

170M4614 170M4664 170M4714 170M4764 

170M4615 170M4665 170M4715 170M4765 

170M4616 170M4666 170M4716 170M4766

170M4617 170M4667 170M4717 170M4767 

170M4618 170M4668 170M4718 170M4768 

170M4619 170M4669 170M4719 170M4769

170M5608 170M5658 170M5708 170M5758 

170M5609 170M5659 170M5709 170M5759 

170M5610 170M5660 170M5710 170M5760 

170M5611 170M5661 170M5711 170M5761

170M5612 170M5662 170M5712 170M5762 

170M5613 170M5663 170M5713 170M5763 

170M5614 170M5664 170M5714 170M5764 

170M5615 170M5665 170M5715 170M5765 

170M5616 170M5666 170M5716 170M5766 

170M5617 170M5667 170M5717 170M5767 

 170M5668 170M5718 170M5768 170M6608

170M6658 170M6708 170M6758 170M6609 

170M6659 170M6709 170M6759 170M6610 

170M6660 170M6710 170M6760 170M6611 

170M6661 170M6711 170M6761 170M6612 

170M6662 170M6712 170M6762 170M6613 

170M6663 170M6713 170M6763 170M6614 

170M6664 170M6714 170M6764 170M6615 

170M6665 170M6715 170M6765 170M6616 

170M6666 170M6716 170M6766 170M6617 

170M6667 170M6717 170M6767 170M6618 

170M6668 170M6718 170M6768 170M6619 

170M6669 170M6719 170M6769