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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, flush-endcontact 1000 Vac (IEC and UL), 50 to 1400 A Square body flush-end contact high speed fuses, for the protectionof DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers andreduced rated voltage starters. Catalog numbers come with Type Kindicator for use with microswitches. Ratings Volts 1000 Vac (IEC, 50-1250 A) 1000 Vac (UL, 250-1100 A) 900 Vac (IEC, 1400 A Amps 50-1400 A IR 125 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085 (only sizes 2 and 3 up to 1100 A) CE

170M3951 170M3921 

170M3952 170M3922 

170M3953 170M3923 

170M3954 170M3924 

170M3955 170M3925 

170M3956 170M3926 

170M3957 170M3927 

170M3958 170M3928 

170M3959 170M3929 

170M3960 170M3930 

170M3961 170M3931

170M4951 170M4921 

170M4952 170M4922 

170M4953 170M4923 

170M4954 170M4924 

170M4955 170M4925 

170M4956 170M4926

170M4957 170M4927

170M4958 170M4928 

170M4959 170M4929

170M4960 170M4930 

170M5952 170M5922 

170M5953 170M5923 

170M5954 170M5924 

170M5955 170M5925 

170M5956 170M5926 

170M5957 170M5927 

170M5958 170M5928

170M5959 170M5929 

170M5960 170M5930 

170M5961 170M5931 

170M8600 170M8500 

170M8601 170M8501 

170M8602 170M8502 

170M8603 170M8503 

170M8604 170M8504 

170M8605 170M8505 

170M8606 170M8506 

170M8607 170M8507 

170M8608 170M8508 

170M8609 170M8509 

170M8610 170M8510 

170M8611 170M8511 

170M86121 170M85121

170M86131 170M85131