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bussmann 170M3473

  • 分类:快速熔断器
  • 简介:170M3473 bussmann 690v/630a 库存现货
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  • 发布时间:2019-08-30 10:24:02
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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, flush-endcontact 690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 40 to 2000 A Square body flush-end contact high speed fuses, for the protectionof DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers andreduced rated voltage starters. Catalog numbers available with visualindicator and Type K indicator for a microswitch. Ratings Volts500 to 700 Vac (see catalog number table) 750 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specific fuses) Amps 40-2000 A IR 200 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085CSA Class 53787, File 1422-30CCCCE

170M3408 170M3458 170M3508 170M3558 

170M3409 170M3459 170M3509 170M3559

170M3410 170M3460 170M3510 170M3560 

170M3411 170M3461 170M3511 170M3561 

170M3412 170M3462 170M3512 170M3562 

170M3413 170M3463 170M3513 170M3563 

170M3414 170M3464 170M3514 170M3564 

170M3415 170M3465 170M3515 170M3565 

170M3416 170M3466 170M3516 170M3566 

170M3417 170M3467 170M3517 170M3567 

170M3418 170M3468 170M3518 170M3568 

170M3419 170M3469 170M3519 170M3569 

170M3420 170M3470 170M3520 170M3570 

170M3421 170M3471 170M3521 170M3571 

170M3422 170M3472 170M3522 170M3572 

170M3423 170M3473 170M3523 170M3573

170M4408 170M4458 170M4508 170M4558 

170M4409 170M4459 170M4509 170M4559 

170M4410 170M4460 170M4510 170M4560 

170M4411 170M4461 170M4511 170M4561 

170M4412 170M4462 170M4512 170M4562 

170M4413 170M4463 170M4513 170M4563 

170M4414 170M4464 170M4514 170M4564

170M4415 170M4465 170M4515 170M4565

170M4416 170M4466 170M4516 170M4566 

170M4417 170M4467 170M4517 170M4567 

170M4418 170M4468 170M4518 170M4568 

170M4419 170M4469 170M4519 170M4569 

170M5408 170M5458 170M5508 170M5558 

170M5409 170M5459 170M5509 170M5559 

170M5410 170M5460 170M5510 170M5560 

170M5411 170M5461 170M5511 170M5561 

170M5412 170M5462 170M5512 170M5562 

170M5413 170M5463 170M5513 170M5563 

170M5414 170M5464 170M5514 170M5564 

170M5415 170M5465 170M5515 170M5565 

170M5416 170M5466 170M5516 170M5566 

170M5417 170M5467 170M5517 170M5567 

170M5418 170M5468 170M5518 170M5568 

170M6408 170M6458 170M6508 170M6558 

170M6409 170M6459 170M6509 170M6559 

170M6410 170M6460 170M6510 170M6560 

170M6411 170M6461 170M6511 170M6561 

170M6412 170M6462 170M6512 170M6562 

170M6413 170M6463 170M6513 170M6563 

170M6414 170M6464 170M6514 170M6564 

170M6415 170M6465 170M6515 170M6565 

170M6416 170M6466 170M6516 170M6566 

170M6417 170M6467 170M6517 170M6567 

170M6418 170M6468 170M6518 170M6568 

170M6419 170M6469 170M6519 170M6569