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PH500AJ 哈蒙德

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Features & Benefits • 600V class, machine tool rated industrial control transformer

• Multi-voltage primary and secondary models increase range of application per uni 

• 50/60 Hertz (60Hz on PH***AJ & PH***AR)

• Termination: standard combination screw connection (including SEMS washers) 

• Constructed with high quality silicon steel laminations that provide optimum performanceand reliability

• Encapsulated copper wound coils encased in a custom injection molded cover, protectscoils and terminations from moisture, dirt and other industrial airborne contaminants

• Mounting Feet: made of heavy steel and welded or bolted to the core, these mountingfeet provide superior strength in a compact design.

• Superior insulating materials:

• 105°C (55°C rise) 50 VA to 150 VA • 130°C (80°C rise) 250 VA to 1500 VA(Note: Temperature rise based on 25°C ambient)

• Seismically certified in accordance with IBC 2009; Section 1613 Earthquake Loads, for SD <= 2.00g , z/h = 1.0, and IP = 1.5 • Standard secondary fuse kits - utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2” midget/type CC fuse clips• Optional primary fuse kits available utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2” midget/type CC fuse clips

• Optional finger safe terminal covers available on all units• UL Listed (approved for U.S. and Canada) 

• CE Mark standard on all units (excluding PH*AR and PH*AJ) • RoHS Compliant

• LIFETIME Warranty (Limited)


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