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Bussmann Global Modular Fuse Holders

  • 分类:熔断器座
  • 简介:Finger-Safe DIN-Rail Mount Fuse Holders Protect Your Electrical System & Simplify Installation Easy color coding for use: yellow for PV, red for IEC, and black for UL applicationsFinger-safe, high SCCR rated, Class CC and midget holders with indicator options. Also for Class J and IEC size fusesAgency ratings up to 1000Vdc for use with solar PV fusesAvailable remote PLC indication with the CH-PLC moduleRated for use with 75ºC or 90ºC wire, fine stranded wire, spade terminals and with comb-bus bars. Use any higher temperature rated wire with appropriate derating. Complete range of UL Listed and high SCCR rated 1-phase and 3-phase finger-safe comb-bus bars and power feed lugs
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