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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, flush-endcontact 1250 Vac (IEC), 1300 Vac (UL), 50 to 1400 A Square body flush-end contact high speed fuses, for the protectionof DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers andreduced rated voltage starters. Catalog numbers come with Type Kindicator for use with microswitches. Ratings Volts 1250 Vac (IEC) 1300 Vac (UL) 900 and 1000 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specificfuses) Amps 50-1400 A IR 100 kA RMS Sym. Operating class aR Agency information Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 UL Recognized, JFHR2, E125085CSA Class 53787, File 1422-30CE

170M3388†† 170M3438 170M3488†† — 

170M3389†† 170M3439 170M3489†† — 

170M3390†† 170M3440 170M3490†† — 

170M3391†† 170M3441 170M3491†† — 

170M3392†† 170M3442 170M3492†† — 

170M3393†† 170M3443 170M3493†† — 

170M3394†† 170M3444 170M3494†† — 

170M3395†† 170M3445 170M3495†† — 

170M3396†† 170M3446 170M3496†† — 

170M3397†† 170M3447 170M3497††


170M4388†† 170M4438†† 170M4488 — 

170M4389†† 170M4439†† 170M4489 — 

170M4390†† 170M4440†† 170M4490 — 

170M4391†† 170M4441†† 170M4491 — 

170M4392†† 170M4442†† 170M4492 — 

170M4393†† 170M4443†† 170M4493 — 

170M4394†† 170M4444†† 170M4494 — 

170M43954 170M4445 170M44954 — 

170M43965 170M4446 170M44965 — 

170M43975 170M44474 170M44975 — 

170M5388 170M5438 170M5588 — 

170M5389 170M5439 170M5589 — 

170M5390 170M5440 170M5590 — 

170M5391 170M5441 170M5591 — 

170M5392 170M5442 170M5592 — 

170M5393 170M5443 170M5593 — 

170M5394 170M5444 170M5494 170M5594 170M5644 

170M5395 170M5445 170M5495 170M5595 170M5645 

170M53964 170M5446 170M5496 170M55964 170M5646 

170M53975 170M54471 ††† 170M5497 170M55975 170M5647

170M53985 170M54482 ††† 170M5498 170M55985 170M5648 

170M54993 †† 170M56493 †† 

170M55003 †† 170M56503 †† 

170M6338†† 170M6538†† 170M6588 — 

170M6339†† 170M6539†† 170M6589 — 

170M6340†† 170M6540†† 170M6590 — 

170M6341†† 170M6541†† 170M6591 — 

170M6342†† 170M6542†† 170M6592 — 

170M6343†† 170M6543†† 170M6593 — 

170M6344†† 170M6544†† 170M6494†† 170M6594 170M6644 

170M6345 170M6545†† 170M6495†† 170M6595 170M6645†† 

170M63464 170M6546†† 170M6496††† 170M65964 170M6646††† 

70M63475 170M65471 †† 170M6497††† 170M65975 170M6647††† 

170M63485 170M65481 †† 170M6498††† 170M65985 170M6648††† 

170M63495 170M65492 †† 170M6499††† 170M65995 170M6649†††